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      Date:  2018.9.6-9.8
      Venue: Expo Guadalajara
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Rigging Shackles

Shandong Shenli rigging Co., Ltd (SLR) is a rigging hardware manufacturer with 52 years of history, so that we are quite experienced in rigging production.

All the raw materials are purchased from large-scale steel mill in China. Each batch of material should pass strict testing of spectrograph.

All the rigging shackles are die forged. The practical dimensions can be strictly matched with those on the drawings to ensure the precision.

All the rigging shackles are heat treated which can improve the inner structure of the rigging shackles. Thus, each rigging shackle can reach the rated intensity. Meanwhile, it has the requested toughness, intensity, impact resistance and fatigue resistance. The rigging shackles with heat treatment can reduce the risk of major accident caused by brittle failure in the premise of ensuring sufficient product intensity. There will be deformation on rigging shackles to warn the operators that the product is in danger of failure when overload.