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Manufacturing Power
    1. Raw Materials
    2. Raw Materials Our superior steel is directly customized or purchased from large steel mill in China, so that the raw material quality can be ensured. Meanwhile, there is resource superiority of steel in China, so we can reduce cost for our clients.
    1. Manufacturing Process
    2. Manufacturing Process We have world leading die forging hammer production lines of 1T, 1.5T, 2T, 3T, 5T, electric screw press production lines of 160 ton, 300 ton, 400 ton, 630 ton and some small-, middle-, large-scale forging machine such as friction press of 2500 ton and 1600 ton etc.
    1. Testing Equipment
    2. Testing Equipment The testing center of SLR is equipped with more than 40 sets of testing equipment such as LEW-5000 horizontal tensile testing machine, microprocessor control electro-hydraulic servo fatigue machine, direct-reading spectrometer, 2000KN, 1000KN microprocessor display universal testing machine, ultrasonic flaw detector, fluorescent magnetic particle testing machine, Vickers hardness tester, metallurgical microscope etc.
    1. Packaging and Warehousing
    2. Packaging and Warehousing The big warehouse has the finished product storage capacity of more than a hundred thousand of boxes. It is equipped with 16 large-scale multi-layer shelves and about 2500 turnover baskets.

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